xocai nuggetA Delicious Health Product or a Healthy Treat?

Nine out of ten people eat chocolate, 50% are addicted to it. In fact, over a billion people eat chocolate every day. The cocao bean was used by the Mayans and Mesoamericans for years to promote health.  In fact, it was so highly regarded, it was used for currency and known as the “food of the gods”. Chocolate splash

Could it be true that this delicious substance is actually really, really good for us?

MXI (Marketing Xocolate Internationally) knows it to be true.  Cocoa beans are the highest antioxidant food on the planet.  However, over the course of 500 years, this incredible health food has been turned into what we think of today as candy.

MXI has taken raw, organic cocoa, mixed it in a proprietary blend with acai berry and blueberry, and through a special cold-pressing processing method, created a most satisfying health product that can truly be life changing.  This wonderful product is called Xocai (pronounced Sho-sigh).


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Cocoa is a fruit and for years, companies have heated the chocolate to take out its bitterness, used the “ditching” process which destroys up to 80% of the healthy properties of this wonderful bean.  Through cold-pressing the cocoa bean and it’s special proprietary blend, Xocai offers us a product rich in Antioxidants, flavonols, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, natural theobromine and so much more.

In fact, according to Brunswick Laboratories (which specializes in measuring the ORAC score of foods, which is a rating of antioxidants that combat free radical damage (aging) of our cells), Xocai is the highest antioxidant food available to us on the planet!  And, it tastes amazing!

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Xocai as a Business Opportunity

Jeanette and Andrew Brooks have taken chocolate back to its roots and created a product that stands alone as the only chocolate in the world to be trademarked as “Healthy Chocolate”.

With a 75,000 square foot facility in Reno Nevada, this company has created a vision for a strong future. The company remains debt free and is expanding in to new world markets constantly. With four different health divisions and more to come, this company shows no signs of slowing down. This makes Xocai, one of the best business opportunities in the world today.


5 Reasons Xocai is a Great Opportunity:

1. Network Marketing Thrives in a Down Economy
This industry is proven to grow even in depressed economies. As part of that industry, Xocai can enjoy growth and expansion while other industries struggle.

2. Chocolate Sales Boom During Recession

In every recession since the Great Depression, chocolate sales have significantly increased-often as high as 50%.

3. Health is a Wise Investment

A recent survey by the Hartman Group found that purchasing healthful products helps people feel more in control in times of economic turmoil. In addition, a 2008 survey by Avero Research found that Americans spend 51% of their food budget on items they consider healthy. Just 3 Xocai X-Power Squares™ provide the equivalent antioxidant nutrition of about 28 cups of raw spinach. How’s that for a wise investment?!

4. Xocai Sales Prove the Trends

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research the current recession began in December of 2007. The following year, Xocai sales DOUBLED, and that growth trend continues today!

5. Income Can Be Life-Changing

Xocai provides you with a simple, easy-to-learn system of income earning. Would an extra $500 a month help make your life a little better? What about an additional $2,000? Whether you are looking to add an extra few hundred dollars to your monthly income or an extra few thousand, Xocai can provide the answer.

Enroll for a 2 or 6 item monthly order and start creating your business now!

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