I am writing this testimonial because I believe Pavitra has much to offer that can truly make a difference in people’s lives. I know I will certainly be referring my own friends and family to him now that his business is up and running.

I met Pavitra in 2006, and I was thrilled to be a student in one of the first Angelic Reiki courses he offered in Ottawa. Since then, I have benefited from several healing sessions and more recently enjoyed several tea consultations.

I have been a lawyer since 2001 and a professor of law since 2006. Like many busy professionals, I have often felt the need for stress relief, physical healing, and emotional support. Having lived and worked in Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Ottawa, I have had the opportunity to work with multiple professionals who do bodywork, spiritual counselling, and healing in a whole variety of modalities.

Pavitra stands out amidst this group of talented people; his depth of experience, breadth of training, and his integrity as a person make him well equipped to offer the supportive and even transformational services that he offers. He has a remarkable understanding of the human mind and spirit, and an adept, intuitive awareness of the kind of attention a person’s body needs.

With his impressive skill-set and caring personality, I have no doubt that GO Deep WITHIN will be an avenue for meaningful contribution to his clients and the wider community.

Professor Lynda M. Collins

co-Director, Centre for Environmental Law & Global Sustainability

University of Ottawa

Making a Difference

Testimonial, Daniel Mauro

As a spiritual counsellor and bodywork/energy practitioner, Pavitra excels as a shining example of what true healing work can and should be. (more…)

A Creative Counselling Space

testimonial, Amanda Cottreau

I was delighted to have Pavitra serve tea in my home for myself, my son, and a friend. I found his energy and presence most calming.

His careful preparation and relaxed presentation conveyed his respect and appreciation of the beauty and harmony of this very special tea ceremony. Pavitra spoke to the gifts of the tea, one of which is creating a space for quiet contemplation.

My guests and I found tranquility and connection through this experience. We were all left feeling more mindful and appreciative for the moment we shared.

I highly recommend making the time for this experience. It’s worth every minute : )

Amanda Cottreau (Ottawa, Canada)

Director at CelebrateHer.org, Singer/Songwriter, and Admin Assistant


Tea for Three

testimonial, kayla

My experience with the Tea Ceremony was nourishing.

Pavitra sets a very safe and comfortable tone, where dialogue can flow freely and spiritual growth is facilitated – all while sipping on delicious tea!

His knowledge of the tea was interesting, and the comfort that the casual ceremony instilled made conversation flow easily; by the time it was over, I was buzzing!

Kayla Siefried (Ottawa, Canada)

Programs Coordinator, The Otesha Project


A Nourishing Experience

testimonial, satkiana

I experienced a lot of back pain while pregnant. I had some craniosacral and Belvaspata sessions with Pavitra during this time and experienced deep relief. Pavitra’s presence was calm and grounding. I loved that he allowed me to deeply relax into silence and did not fill the session with unnecessary tallking.

This opened the space for me to experience the subtlety of my inner being and to allow the energy to flow into the places that were calling for healing. Afterwards, my mind felt calm and my back was greatly soothed.

Thank-you for your keen awareness and presence Pavitra.

Satkiana Shaw (Ottawa, Canada)

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Nutritionist, Intuitive Masseuse,

and Certified Spiritual Psychotherapist


Opening Inner Space