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GO Deep WITHIN is excited to offer 2 items made of the incredible and rare stone called shungite – pyramids and cell phone protection tabs.

Read more about these products and the miraculous stone they come from below!

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Cell Phone Protection

Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation by Shungiteshungite cell chip

While conducting experiments in new medical technologies, scientists at the Tula Research Institute in Russia discovered that shungite’s shielding properties diminish the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Specifically, its fullerene structure makes shungite suitable as a shielding screen against the pathogenic influence of electromagnetic radiation. Such shields are available, for example as plates attached to the backs of cell phones.

Pyramids and the Energy of Forms

All material objects are known to emit either life-enhancing or non life-enhancing energy which has corresponding effects on living organisms. This is also true of man-made structures. Scientists studying the influence of geometrical shapes, have, for example, noted the negative influence of living in square or rectangular houses. Many articles within these houses, such as projecting parts of furniture or pendants of chandeliers, also violate the energy of the space they occupy, creating unsound angles or whirlwinds in the room’s energy field. Experts are quick to point out, however, that buildings with pointed roofs produce a wholesome energetic effect. This would explain why many places of worship, regardless of religion, are built with steep-pitched roofs having such a pyramidal effect.


shungite pyramidThe Shungite Pyramid

Protects Against Electromagnetic Radiation
The shungite pyramid protects homes and work premises from the electromagnetic radiation emitted by TV sets, computers, microwave ovens and appliances such as refrigerators. Simply place a shungite pyramid between yourself and any of these devices. Placing the pyramid at your bedside or on your desk, harmonizes the atmosphere, resulting in a reduction of nervousness, dissatisfaction, uneasiness, over-excitement, and loss of energy.

Energises a room
Most stone pyramids such as those made from rose quartz, nephrite or lapis lazuli, produce a positive bio-field in a radius of anywhere from a half metre to three metres. Shungite pyramids, however, make living space healthier over a radius of more than five metres. A shungite pyramid made in the same proportions as the ancient Cheops Pyramid in Egypt, draws negative energy from a room. After only a few hours in its presence, you will feel the space cleared of all non life-enhancing energy, and your own internal energy will be revitalized.

Purifies Water and Items
Water can easily be purified by placing a shungite pyramid in a three-litre container and setting it in a sunny location for 48-72 hours. This water will be beneficial for both internal and external use:

  • Remission of chronic gastrointestinal, liver and kidney ailments;
  • Rejuvenation of skin, smoothing of wrinkles;
  • Reduction of hair loss.

Placing coins, jewelry or other small items near a shungite pyramid, purifies them of the effects of the negative energy fields they may have acquired.

Relieves Pain and Stress
A small pyramid next to the dentist’s chair relieves pain and speeds up healing.

In a psychiatrist or psychologist’s consultation room, the shungite pyramid helps to establish practitioner/client rapport and to reduce emotional strain.

Dramatically Reduces Geopathic Radiation
Experimental data proves that shungite pyramids provide a secure shield against harmful radiation in geopathogenic zones. Geopathongenic zones occur as a result of the irregularities in the earth’s crust caused by underground streams or springs, ore deposits and geological faults. A person exposed to such a zone everyday, would experience otherwise unexplained symptoms such as apathy, headache or weakness as a result of constant exposure to the geopathogenic waves. In such cases the immune system weakens, onset of disease becomes more frequent, and there is a general feeling of disharmony. Medical research certifies that geopathogenic radiation causes cardiovascular disease and up to 60% of cancer-related illnesses. When the pyramid is placed near a person, immunity is boosted and nervous tension is released. Headache and insomnia fade away, and overall health improves.

Caring for your Shungite Pyramid
Every two-three weeks, place the pyramid in the open air (on a balcony, for example), for about an hour. Its protective features will be restored. Polishing the pyramid will not affect its properties; it will only become more attractive.


The Mystery of the Origin of Shungiteshungite

Scientists estimate the age of shungite to be almost 2 billion years. Though it is similar in appearance to coal, it is found in very ancient layers of the Earth’s crust that were formed when there were no life forms on the Earth.

Where did this strange rock come from? At that time there were no forests to form carbides such as coal. Experts claim there were only protobacteria living in an oxygen-free atmosphere. But suddenly huge deposits of this marvelous mineral seem to have appeared.

Where did they come from?

There are several theories to explain shungite’s origin:

  • Primitive microscopic organisms existed in shallow bays of the ancient sea. Sea surf rich in these organic remains formed a material that produced shungite.
  • Some researchers assert that the form and structure of shungite have volcanic features.
  • Shungite could be a part of a gigantic meteorite that brought a part of a decomposed planet called Phaeton to the Earth. Phaeton is believed to have had carbon-based life forms. The gigantic fragment brought them to earth and formed the shungite field in the area of impact.
  • Some believe shungite to be a gift from the Divine to heal and rescue life on the earth from the traps that man would be driven into by civilization’s “achievements”. Certain prophets have even pointed to the North as the place of rescue from environmental disasters.

Karelia, in the north of Russia is known to have the only shungite deposits in the world, but whichever theory or theories about why it is there are true, it cannot be disputed that shungite with its unique healing qualities and abundance of remarkable characteristics, is a mineral like nothing else on earth


As the Karelia region of Russia is the only place in the world where shungite can be found, some believe that shungite will some day cost more than gold.


It is a mineral with healing power and properties to which nothing else in the world can be compared. Shungite cures, purifies, protects, normalizes, induces recovery and promotes growth in living organisms. Everything which takes a toll on us, is killed; and everything health-giving is concentrated and restored by this miracle rock. Real shungite also has the ability to conduct electricity, which is a very rare quality for stones. Scientists investigating shungite, declare it to be miraculous.


Shungite is the only natural material that contains fullerenes. The importance of this discovery is highlighted by the fact that the three scientists who discovered fullerenes were awarded the Nobel Prize.


It is an excellent gift for family members, friends or business associates, one demonstrating care for their health and wellbeing.

Chemical Composition and Properties

Found only in the northern Russian district of Karelia, Shungite was formed about 2 billion years ago. Shungite is composed of nearly all the elements of the Periodic Table. Though it is commonly known that not all chemical elements are beneficial to life forms, a surprising feature of this mineral is that only its health-giving components are absorbed by water. Moreover, experts have reason to believe that water contained in shungite deposits gave birth to life, because its natural structures and complexes are so similar to those of a living cell.
Shungite absorbs and eliminates everything that imposes a hazard to life, but concentrates and restores all that is beneficial. Scientists who have investigated this phenomenon have unanimously declared it a miracle.
Shungite is the only Mineral that Contains Fullerenes. Only recently discovered, fullerenes were among the scientific sensations of the 20th century. Named after the great architect, Buckminster Fuller, this closed, hollow cage of 60 or more carbon atoms that form a fullerene molecule, resembles the geodesic domes popularized in his work. The shape of the fullerene molecule is similar to that of a soccer ball. Fullerenes are found in very minute quantities in nature, usually formed by lightening charges. How they came to be present in the shungite mineral remains a mystery. Realizing their full potential will be one of the great sensations of the 21st century.

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