Back Balls
Back Balls

Back Balls are effective relaxation and therapeutic tools, developed by Robert Harris.

Lying on Back Balls is a simple and effective therapy for gently releasing subluxations in the spine and promoting deeply rejuvenating rest.

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becalm balls
Becalm Balls

Becalm Balls are effective relaxation and therapeutic tools, developed by Robert Harris.

They are designed to interrupt our stress cycle by triggering the body’s natural ability to bring itself to a standstill.

Osteopaths and Craniosacral therapists refer to this therapeutic phenomenon as a ‘stillpoint’.

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full day program
Full Day Program

Relax, Renew, and Re-awaken

Full day programs are a wonderful way to find that deep relaxation you’ve been looking for!

They are also an opportunity to GO Deep WITHIN!!

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healing session
Healing Session

GO Deep WITHIN offers free initial phone consultations to assess your needs and determine the best approach for achieving your goals.

After reading the information at the links below, if you would like to discuss your session before booking, please give us a call!

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pu erh tea
High-grade Teas

The high-grade oolong and pu erh teas sold by GO Deep WITHIN have a level of anti-oxidant properties likely only paralleled by raw, organic cacao.They are carefully selected from the mountains of China and Taiwan for not only for their exquisite tastes and elegant aromas, but also for the potency of their energy or “chi”.

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Life Transformation
Life-transformation Technique Instruction

Facilitate Emotional Release

In one-on-one sessions, Pavitra guides you in breathing and/or meditation techniques in a directed effort at relinquishing any hold the past has on your present reality.

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Sacred G Omega
Sacred G Omega

Sacred G Omega is the final and most sophisticated design in the line of life-enhancing, two-dimensional technologies designed by Core Love based on the principles of sacred geometry and called “Sacred G”.

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service packages healing
Service Packages

GO Deep WITHIN currently offers two discount packages:

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A Miraculous Stone!

GO Deep WITHIN is excited to offer 2 items made of the incredible and rare stone called shungite – pyramids and cell phone protection tabs.

Read more about these products and the miraculous stone they come from below!

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Tea Consultations, gong fu cha, chinese tea
Tea Consultations

Tea consultations held according to cha dao (“the way of tea”), are simple yet profound. They involve one on one or group sessions held over the serving of high-grade tea from the remote mountains of Taiwan and China in the traditional Chinese manner called gong fu cha. Individual consultations over tea last between 1.5 to 2 hrs. Tea consultations are also available for groups of up to 6 people. Prices vary according to group size.

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Tree Essence Consultation
Tree Essence Consultation

Pavitra will assist you in choosing the best Tree Essence for this unique moment in your life. Price includes consultation and one tree essence.

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Tree Essences - Individual and combos
Tree Essences

Tree Essences are the energy from trees distilled into a bottle for daily consumption to nurture physical, emotional, and mental well-being. They help draw out inner strength and to help maintain inner balance and harmony. They are particularly helpful as a form of support in moving through a difficult time or situation and are entirely complementary in use with diet, supplements, and medications.

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yoga benefits, group lessons
Yoga Sessions

Individual and Group Yoga Sessions

GO Deep WITHIN offers group and private yoga classes in three types of profoundly transformational yoga created by the mystic Almine. Details below.

1 Individual session ($88). Add additional people to your Yoga group for just $10 per person. Maximum group size: 7 people.

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