In 2000, at age of 20, while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology, Pavitra became fascinated with how people create meaning in their lives. At this time, he also became consciously engaged with his own healing and life journey, when surrendering into a wave of depression took him deep within himself and resulted in his first “spiritual experience”, best described as a perception changing embrace by something beyond his previous realm of awareness.


Whether interpreted as God, an angel, or his own “higher self”, what remained from the experience was a deep knowing that there was far more to life than he was seeing at the time, far more than what most people are taught in any of our current world’s predominant cultures.


He felt the tangible Reality of something which transcends all the ups and downs of life, something which gives meaning to all of life’s movement (even the frantic movement of mainstream western culture which can seem so strange to those with even a modicum of sensitivity to their inner reality), something mysterious and elusive but always present, ever loving, deeply peaceful, intensely powerful, inconceivably glorious, and ultimately, utterly indescribable.
With heart and eyes more open, only a few days later Pavitra was guided to a school of philosophy which occupied nearly all his free time for the next two years. Within this new family, it was the norm to look past the superficial and mundane, and he quickly became accustomed to self-observation and living a life based on spiritual values and ideals.


His search for truth continued beyond this school and introduced him to much wisdom and many methods, both ancient and modern, meant to help individuals expand awareness, open the heart, and most importantly, go deep within to encounter the Eternal Self.


This encounter is the key to unlocking the door to a happy, healthy life and so much more.



Given that Pavitra’s first spiritual experience felt very much like the embrace of an angel, it is fitting that one of the first forms of healing he became serious about sharing with others was a unique and powerful form of Reiki called Angelic Reiki.


Pavitra was blessed to be the first Angelic Reiki Master in Canada after receiving his Master initiation in August 2006, in England. He initiated seven Angelic Reiki Masters in Canada himself before moving to Oregon, U.S. to work more closely with the mystic Almine who brought in the unparalleled healing modality of Belvaspata.


During the indescribable experiences of Almine’s intensive classes, Pavitra witnessed the lives of many people transform before his eyes and became more inspired than ever to share even a fraction of such healing with others.


His own approach involves a dynamic and intuitively guided mix of different healing modalities in order to facilitate healing for as many different types of people, with as many different personal histories, and who are at as many different stages in their lives, as possible.



Over the past 13 years of engaging with holistic wellness, self-development, and spirituality, Pavitra has received training in:

Other training received in:

  • Gong Fu Cha (Art of Tea) Ceremonies
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
  • Various other forms of meditation and breath work
  • Yoga (Irash Satva Yoga, Shrihat Satva Yoga, Saradesi Yoga, Aranash Suba Yoga, Hatha, Yin, Kundalini)
  • The art of conscious dreaming
  • Qi-Gong and Tai-Chi
  • Martial Arts (Karate, Ju-Jitsu, and Kick-boxing)
  • Dance (Jazz, Tap, Ballet)