holistic health, well-being, wholenessJourney to Health and Wholeness

Healing is a multi-layered process of bringing balance to the Whole person.

The journey to true Health and Wholeness is a personal one, but if we ask for support and guidance along the way, it never fails that we are led to the people, places, and experiences which best contribute to a most fulfilled sense of self, which is the core of total wellness.

A perceptive healer knows that he or she cannot do anything to ‘fix’ a patient. Instead, she recognizes herself as a conduit through which the client can remember and reconstitute his innate Health and Wholeness beyond his current experience. This is not a ‘religious’ matter or approach — it is the subtle yet profound ‘work’ all lasting healing is based on.


The perceptive healer creates and holds a space for clients to do their own ‘self-work’ and can facilitate their doing so to the extent that he or she has done his or her own inner, Self-discovery work.


Healing models, methods, and techniques, regardless of how profound they seem, are merely the forms which allow the above described content of healing to occur. Nevertheless, the methods and practitioners one is guided to choose are, to some extent, symbolic of the healing experience one is calling into his or her life.

This journey is unique for every human being, and for each person, it takes on different forms throughout different times in one’s life. Sometimes, focus on a particular dimension of one’s vast Being (physical, energetic, emotional, mental, social or spiritual) is called for.


Often, it is a matter of bringing awareness to a particular combination of these aspects of Self.


Always, the Truth of our Health and Wholeness and the innate Perfection behind the appearance of any situation, lies deep within us, and the assistance guiding us towards that Great Treasure is all around us, ever lovingly and ever so patiently ready for us to choose to see, work, and play with it.


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