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Breathing Techniques

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GO Deep WITHIN focuses on the use of the Arasatma Breathing Technique created by Almine and the Breath of Love developed by Core Love.

Both these profound ways of working with the breath facilitate a release of the hold past experiences (both conscious and subconscious) have on an individual.


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Arasatma Breathing Technique

The Arasatma Breathing Technique was used by ancient mystics to activate the unused portion of the central energy channel. A fully cleared and active “pranic tube”, as this channel is often referred to, is the key to deeper inner peace and greater self-expression.

The Arasatma Breathing Technique is actually comprised of several levels, each with a series of techniques which restore balance to the energetic functions of the body and enhance the subtle senses.


Breath of Love (BOL)

Your memory is a central breath of love, breathing technique, brain upgrade, memory clearing, healing pastcomponent in the creation of your identity, unique personality, the way you present yourself, the way you view others, the actions you take, the amount of energy your body can generate, and even the very way you experience your everyday reality.

Developed by Core Love, the Breath of Love (BOL) enables you to upgrade various systems in your brain to assist you in creating your optimum lifestyle by providing access to the core programming within your memory.

Did you ever wonder why sometimes things work for other people, but they don’t just happen for you. What are you missing, is their some secret to manifesting the life that you want? Why is it that when you get close to having the life you desire, things tend to fall apart? Does life really have to be this difficult?

Using the BOL, you can access your core programming and upgrade your life from the inside out.

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