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Belvaspata means ‘healing of the heart’.


The body of knowledge which is Belvaspata is a gift from the Infinite to help humanity fulfill the purpose of creating Heaven on Earth. It is here to help each of us create healthy, joyful, abundant, and deeply fulfilling lives through the heart.


Belvaspata was given to humanity from the Mother Goddess through the mystic Almine in 2006 when an unparalled cosmic ascension began (which only a select few have yet perceived).


love praise gratitudeThe Light and Frequency (Love) pulled in through the sacred sigils (like symbols) of this modality which are drawn in the air over the body, are of the highest level of “Energy” healing available to any beings within the cosmos, and the angels they call forth to facilitate the transmutation of all illusion are the angels of the forthcoming Golden Age.


Despite the limitations of most people’s perception, there are in fact angels around each of us constantly performing what the average person would consider miracles. The difficult task for any person who works with these magnificent beings is the translation of these miracles into the physical reality of the person they are for.


The Belvaspata sigils (which appear to be but simple mandalas or even just random squiggly lines to the uninitiated) are in fact profound energetic maps which relay to angelic beings exactly how to manifest the profound changes so easily conjured in their reality into the reality of space, time, and physical existence.

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